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“Shocking Allegations Rock Fulton County: DA and Prosecutor’s Scandal Exposed!”

Shocking Allegations Rock Fulton County: DA and Prosecutor's Scandal Exposed!

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade have received subpoenas to testify at a hearing on February 15 regarding allegations of financial benefits Willis allegedly received from Wade, purported to be her romantic partner.

The subpoenas, initially disclosed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, surfaced in a lawsuit filed against the Fulton County district attorney’s office by Ashleigh Merchant, the attorney for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, who made the assertions about the relationship in an attempt to dismiss the charges.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, overseeing the Trump election interference case, scheduled the February 15 hearing to address Roman’s motion to dismiss the charges and the allegations of misconduct against Willis and Wade.

Merchant contends in the lawsuit that the DA’s office is obstructing the Georgia Open Records Act by deliberately delaying requests for documents. She claims that the office has failed to provide Roman’s legal team “with many of the requested materials that are known to exist and which are not subject to any exception in the Act and some of which have been outstanding since September of 2023.”

Merchant petitions the court to compel the DA’s office to furnish the records she seeks or demonstrate why they cannot be provided. She also seeks reimbursement for the expenses incurred in attempting to compel the DA to comply with the law. Jeff DiSantis, a spokesperson for Willis, stated to NBC News that her office “has provided Merchant with the information she is entitled to and an update on the status of the others, in compliance with the law.”

In the lawsuit, Merchant also alleges that Roman “has asserted that Willis and Wade should be disqualified because Willis used taxpayer money to pay Wade, with whom she has had a romantic relationship at the time, and, in turn, has received financial benefits from such payments in the form of vacations, hotel stays, and other personal gifts.”

Former President Donald Trump recently moved to support Roman’s motion to dismiss the election interference charges, citing the allegations of an improper relationship between the prosecutors.

Willis has yet to address the allegations. A judge has granted her until February 2 to file a written response with the court. Willis’ office stated that she intends to do so.

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