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“Breaking News: Joe Rogan’s Podcast Shakes Up Streaming Platforms with $250 Million Deal!”

Spotify has signed a new multiyear partnership deal for the controversial podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” estimated to be valued at up to $250 million. The popular show, exclusively available on Spotify for the past three years, will now expand its reach to other audio platforms.

Alongside its continued availability on Spotify, Joe Rogan’s show will soon be accessible on additional services, including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and YouTube. This decision aligns with Spotify’s revised strategy to relinquish exclusive streaming rights in favor of wider distribution, a move initiated in 2023. The Wall Street Journal initially reported Spotify’s $250 million renewal with Rogan.

Under the new agreement, Spotify will collaborate closely with Rogan and his team to maximize the show’s audience across platforms. Spotify will manage distribution and ad sales for the podcast, while Rogan will receive a guaranteed minimum fee from Spotify along with a share of advertising revenue.

Initially made exclusive to Spotify under a 2020 deal worth over $200 million for 3.5 years, “The Joe Rogan Experience” has consistently ranked as the most popular podcast on the platform for the past three years.

According to Edison Research’s Q3 2023 survey of the most-listened-to podcasts, “The Joe Rogan Experience” held the top spot globally. Additionally, it was the second most-listened-to podcast among women aged 13 and older in the U.S., as per Edison’s data.

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